Premier Window Systems has been serving Northeast Indiana for years with diligent service and high quality products for our customers needs. We understand that living in the Midwest, and close to Lake Michigan we are prone to all sorts of different types of weather that is unpredictable, which is why our doors are made to withstand the insane fluctuations of weather that occurs on a fairly regular basis here. As well as being secure for your home, we have created doors that look good and will make your home a more attractive place.


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Secure the points of entry to your home with our top selling doors

  • Security Storm Doors
  • Hand Crafted Doors
  • Sliding Patio Doors
  • Solid Fiberglass Doors
  • Wood Doors with Glass
  • Solid Wood and Steel Doors
Entry Door with 2 side lites and transom

Why Choose Premier Home Improvements for your new door?

Premier Windows is an Indiana based company that helps people in Northwest Indiana do home remodeling.

We believe that the customer is always right.

That is why our professional staff and installation specialists work with the client to make sure they get actually what they expect out of the project upon completion.

If you have a patio or a deck attached to your home, we have a wide variety of doors that can you’re your deck or patio easy to access and give it a clear view in weather you would prefer not to be on it. Whether your decor is traditional, contemporary or even transitional, Premier offers the patio door to suit your needs. From interior wood grains to multiple configurations, our patio doors are engineered for ease of operation and aesthetic appeal. You can see in our galleries or catalogues the fullest extent of our products for your next doors and decide which one is the best for you.

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Low angle view of new house with wooden roof and gutter against clear blue sky


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